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Vennexs provides cost effective custom development solutions tailored to your requirements.

As a qualified development center, we are multi-platform capable and have expertise in smart metering, custom software development, remote infrastructure management, and product development and testing.

  • Domain expertise in AMR, AMI, REM & BI
  • Monitoring, Billing & Reporting modules

Software Development Capablities

  • .Net desktop and web applications using C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET & VC++
  • Database applications using MS SQL Server
  • Java web applications using JSP, J2EE, EJB Struts, Hibernate and JDBC connectivity to MySQL, Oracle databases
  • Embedded device applications for XP Embedded, WinCE using .NET Framework & Linux
  • Cross platform web applications using Apache Tomcat, PHP, MySQL and Oracle databases
  • Interface between Real time systems & Handheld device
  • TCP/IP, TFTP and SNMP management
  • Driver development for WIN CE and Linux BSP

Product Development & Testing

  • Smart metering diagnostics and testing facilities
  • Interfacing serial modbus devices with PC and/or embedded devices
  • Zigbee networking for AMR devices
  • Testing of meters, data-loggers and back-end systems for AMR / AMI

Remote Infrastructure Management

  • Technical monitoring, alerting and reporting services for AMR / AMI / REM solutions
  • Data collection, analysis and billing services for AMR / AMI / REM solutions
  • Customer support and care services for AMR / AMI / REM systems


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