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VNXView Web Dashboard

Vennexs addresses the issue of residential or commercial complexes where there is one main electricity bill and the building management and tenants wish to monitor usage to understand the energy consumed by each tenant and have the ability to generate billing based on actual tenant consumption.

VNXView Web is a web-based tenant meter monitoring and billing solution that includes an appliance to collect energy consumption data from all meters on a periodic basis and client software that generates energy profiles, graphs, views as well as energy bills and billing reports.

Key Benefits

  • Generate monthly electricity bills for each tenant
  • Improve cash flow and increase net operating income
  • Eliminate uncertainty of variable utility costs
  • Delegate energy usage accountability to tenants
  • Improve tenant satisfaction and retention
  • Increase property value
  • Enables facility manager to identify and fix energy waste and reduce overall cost

Key Features

  • Monitor energy consumption of each tenant or whole building on a 24x7 basis
  • Meters can be in a basement, wire closet or individual unit
  • Billing of each tenant from the convenience of your PC / tablet using a browser
  • Monthly and periodic billing reports for any or all meters
  • Energy profile to identify peak demand and energy wastage
  • Email / Alarm notification when energy consumption exceeds preset limits

VNXView Web Brochure

Download VNXView Web brochure.


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