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Vennexs is your Voice App Development Partner

Recent technology developments from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple with their release and of the likes of Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and HomePod have made it possible to use Voice as medium of smart interaction with technology. Vennexs provides customized development of smart voice applications for use with these technologies.


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Bring your project idea to life. From simply extending your marketing and brand presence to launching an new innovative app, we can help make it a reality.
   About Us

About Us

Vennexs is experienced in developing software for Hospitality, Energy Management, Building Management and Healthcare applications. We have successfully deployed in Fortune 500 companies, Universities/Educational institutions and Government agencies.
   About Us

Developed Applications

Vennexs has developed several voice apps including:

Virtuosa Doorman

In many residential/commercial buildings an increasing number of packages arrive daily. This increases time and effort required to log those packages, alert the receiver and process the receipt. Virtuosa Doorman offers an intuitive, easy to use system to log packages taking advantage of voice technology. Simply stating the package delivery and recipient’s unit number will log the package and also alert the recipient.

Voco Gluco

Voco Gluco is an intuitive and easy to use system for patent to log blood glucose readings by voice to Alexa Echo or Google Home (irrespective of which meter is used for measuring the blood glucose). It helps to make diabetes tracking as simple as possible. Patent can say blood glucose readings to a voice device and all data is stored automatically in the cloud. Blood glucose logs and historic trend can be retrieved on smart phone (or Tablet - PC). Physicians can see historic data on smart phone, adjust medication dose, advice on food intake and exercise. Voco Gluco will automatically email weekly and monthly reports to physicians and care takers.

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